TIW ALERE is an intuitive, intelligent solution for simplifying complex accounting, manufacturing and distribution issues. It is a customizable accounting solution, which allows companies to mold it to specific challenges they face.

Fetch Search Engine – No matter what you are trying to find – a customer purchase order, the phone number for a contact or a check number, the Fetch search engine knows the difference. Right click on the Fetch screen and you can set and save preferences for how it operates!

Sales Order Configurator – Choose features and options for an item during order entry! Built in kitting that can be configured!  Finished good part numbers that are automatically assigned based on the configuration! Make your orders more accurate and do away with expensive product manuals!

Bring Forward Modifications – The advanced table-driven architecture of ALERE allows you to make modifications easier and faster than any other package! Best of all, the changes that are made can be brought forward to new product releases which preserves your investment.

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Good Fit for Following Industries

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Billing

Not a Good Fit for the Following Industries

  • Retail
  • Job-Shop

Features of TIW Alere

  • Fully integrated accounting and manufacturing modules
  •  Single source code for Visual FoxPro or MS SQL
  •  Integrated third party products (CRM, Payroll, EDI, others)
  •  Deploys as a Cloud or in house solution
  •  Extremely fast Windows applications
  •  Fetch Retrieval Tool
  •  Complete lot visibility for all products as they come in, through and out of the facility
  • MRP and Data Acquisition modules available
  •  Runs efficiently – peer to peer or Windows
  •  Real time on all transactions including General Ledger
  •  Character trait fields for inventory (Soft Goods)
  •  Programmable using SDK
  •  Supports multi-language and currency

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