Revive growth and profitability

Sage X3 is the solution for mid-sized companies seeking to revive growth and profitability. If your business has reached the point where poor usability, accessibility and quality of company data are holding you back, then consider evaluating Sage X3.

  • Get more done, faster, with an entirely redesigned Web interface in V7
  • Go where your business takes you, with mobile access on any device.
  • Take back control over your business, by integrating and automating more processes.
  • Get the insight you need in real-time, with built-in business intelligence.
  • Serve your customers better and earn repeat business, with better sharing of data across the organization. Create cash flow from within and invest in growth, by eliminating inefficiencies and costs.
  • Scale and expand to new markets or geographies, with robust technology and built-in global functionality.

Sage X3 is designed specifically for manufacturing, distribution, and services industries and simplifies the management of multi-location businesses. Powerful, yet easy to implement and to learn, it is the solution of choice for midsize companies looking to scale a profitable business.

Seamless process integration and best practices out of the box

Unlike other solutions that require complex integration to support all of your operations, Sage X3 supports end-to-end processes out of the box, from manufacturing to sales, customer management, purchasing, inventory and financial management within one singular software design that is fast, seamless, and simple to manage for mid-sized companies.

Easy to scale and expand capabilities

Sage X3 offers unique capabilities to scale a global business, increase capacity, and quickly adapt to new or evolving business processes without the need for costly customization.

Built-in business intelligence

Sage X3 helps your organization make faster, better decision and become more responsive. No need for additional software: with a built-in data warehouse and powerful dashboard tools, Sage X3 makes business intelligence accessible to all employees.

Secure Web and mobile access

Introducing new Web service technology at its core, Sage X3 runs safely and seamlessly in your Web browser and on mobile devices, always delivering the best performance wherever your business takes you.

The best combination of functionality, technology and value for mid-sized businesses

Never before have we been able to offer big business functionality at small business pricing.

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Usability: “Our corporate financial reporting is down to only 3 days and we’ve accelerated
invoicing by a week” M. Réjon, Administrative Director, ADA France. “It gives me the
information I need in an easy to understand format” Paula Sypulski, AR Coordinator, Carson
Home Accents (USA).