Tell us what you want

We’ll ask you about the issues your business is facing, the budget you’re preparing to set aside, and your company’s commitment to solve these problems. What is a business problem? For instance, your customers may be unhappy with your service, you can’t track your inventory accurately, or maybe you just aren’t making enough of a profit. You may not even know exactly what the problem is, but you do know that something needs to be done. Of course we can’t solve all of your problems. But our goal is to quickly determine if we have the right expertise to help you.

We will both determine if we can help you

We never make a recommendation for a new software solution without understanding your business. Each organization’s culture, vision, mission and goals are different, and we want to take the time to understand the way you do business before proposing a solution. We know where our business and technology expertise lies, and we can demonstrate that expertise through our customer installations and references. We are not prepared to risk our reputation and track record by moving into areas that we are not fully prepared to support, which means we will not educate ourselves at your expense. When we work for you, you’ll get the benefit of our expertise. If we determine that we will not be able to help your business we will be happy to refer you to a number of selected businesses and professionals better positioned to help you.

If yes, we will work with you to deliver the solution

This last step brings us to the point where we now both know exactly the problem that needs to be fixed. This last step is to develop a business solution, making sure it fits within your budget. Some issues are easier to solve than others, and the solution can be presented as a sample report, a written analysis, or a product demonstration. Sometimes, it even requires a discussion with one of our clients or a site visit to see the software solution in action. Once we agree on the solution, the ‘real’ work can begin.

Why is this business process/performance analysis so important?

This process offers a logical progression of steps that allows us to do what we do best: research problems and find a solution that our clients will be pleased with, on time and on budget.

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