Sage Pro versions over the years

Sage Pro ERP has had a long life as a successful accounting and business management system, as evidenced by the over 500,000 registered customers in 130+ countries. In the last two years of active development, the publisher, Sage Software, continued to serve its customers with timely updates, particularly for payroll and year-end needs. The roadmap made public in 2013 shows the frequency of these updates, and the planned obsolescence of the software as of March 31, 2014.


sage pro ERP roadmap

If your business indeed runs on Sage Pro ERP, this does not mean that you are without options. Due to its open architecture, and open OS development supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as multiple databases – MS SQL, IBM DB2 and MS FoxPro – your business can elect to continue running its operations on Sage Pro ERP with the support of a qualified organization. And because WAC Solution Partners currently supports 100+ businesses with needs similar to yours, you will get the benefits of scale as we can efficiently deploy updates for payroll, year-end, to all our customers.

However, since Sage Pro ERP will not be running on Windows 8 and later, you may run into compatibility issues if any of your other software products do require you to upgrade.  In such cases, turn to us  to figure out the most efficient solution to this situation.