Sage Pro ERP has long been a flagship ERP for small businesses, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of deployments since its inception. Sage Pro ERP (formerly “ACCPAC Pro Series” and “SBT Pro Series” is an open source code and thus highly customizable manufacturing and accounting management system for small to medium-size businesses, first released in the late 1990s.

There comes a time however when it no longer is efficient to continue publishing updates for any given piece of software, as newer technologies come to market, enabling more nimble programming and sophisticated functionality. We’ll give here a summary of the lifecycle of this ERP.



Sage Pro ERP started its life as SBT Pro Series, and when going from V6.0 to V6.5, was renamed ACCPAC Pro Series 6.5.  Regular updates were published, with the last version of that name being V7.3. The next update was renamed Sage Pro ERP, V7.4, with a final renaming to Sage Pro ERP 2010 a couple of years later. Finally the last major update was released in December 2013 as Sage Pro ERP 2010 V7.7.


Sage Pro ERP’s publisher, Sage Software, announced in 2013 that it would discontinue its development and support program as of March 31, 2014.

For most businesses, their accounting system represents a vital management and measurement tool. At the time of this announcement, Sage Software made public a number of very attractive upgrade and migration options designed to entice its customers to evaluate and indeed deploy another Sage ERP system. Despite these offers, a large number of businesses decided to continue their operations with Sage Pro ERP.

We are now one year out since this announcement, and the number of qualified and experienced Sage Pro ERP Consultants have dwindled, as these businesses had to acquire expertise in new ERP systems in order to build a new source of revenues.

As one of Sage Software’s most experienced solution provider, WAC Solution Partners have since 1997 been recognized year after year for their extensive proficiency in Sage Pro ERP, have built deep expertise in all facets of manufacturing accounting in order to deliver superior functionality and performance to their clients.

We maintain an active list of Sage Pro ERP customers, and we continue to enhance and support [link to the Pro Support page in this section] these users thanks to our deep expertise in source code development. If your business indeed runs on Sage Pro ERP, you are not alone, and furthermore, you can with confidence turn to WAC Solution Partners to solve challenges, and extend the life of your ERP system.

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