Five Steps to Consider When Selecting Accounting Software

Have your existing business processes outgrown your accounting system? Is the comfort of using an old accounting system compromising efficiency within your organization?

For an accounting system to meet your business needs, the system should support your existing business practices and have the ability to adapt to technological innovations. Ideally, you want software that’s simple, intuitive, and closely matched to how you already do business.

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52 Questions You Should Ask When Evaluating CRM Software

An effective CRM system gives your customers and prospects the tools to do business with you, the way they choose. Imagine connecting your customers to your employees and business partners across any department, through any process and via any communication device – phone, fax, email, chat and the web.

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Five Drivers of Distribution Complexity for Mid-Sized Businesses

Is your business experiencing high return volume because of warehousing inefficiency or inventory inaccuracy? Would you like to improve picking, packing and shipping efficiency at your warehouse? Would you like to eliminate charge backs because of EDI errors? There are several factors contributing to distribution complexity for your business today. How are you proactively managing your growing list of customer and vendor requirements?

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How to Choose a WMS System?

When it comes to choosing the right warehouse management system (WMS) for your business, it’s important to understand your warehouse needs and the benefits of having an integrated WMS before starting the selection process. Learn how to build an effective project team, prioritize your required functions, realign your warehouse interactions with your employees, customers and vendors and ask your warehouse management software vendors the right questions.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Human Resource Management System

60% to 80% of the time spent by HR staff is devoted to repetitive administrative tasks, including answering common employee and management questions and retrieving information. An HR system can assist you in making your HR department more effective, permitting you to focus on strategic work, instead of basic administration and repetitive tasks.

With tools to manage the human resources challenges and tactical issues that arise every day, HR can become a valuable source of strategic business intelligence. Learn the critical factors to look for in choosing an HRMS and you will see why Sage HRMS stands alone.

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Are You Ready to Move Away From Sage Pro ERP?  Everything You Need to Know to Get Started!

Are you ready to evaluate other ERP solutions? This Sage Pro ERP publication outlines everything you should know about Sage Pro ERP and your ERP options when you are ready to move to a different system.

The online publication will identify:

When it makes sense for a business running Sage Pro ERP software to move to a new ERP system,

Four important steps to consider when migrating from Sage Pro ERP software,

Benefits of other ERP solutions.

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Five Minimum Requirements of Quality Control

The ISO 9001:2008 quality standard is the base standard used around the world to qualify a company’s quality system. The ISO body has established a set of guidelines to make sure the basic elements of quality control in any company are in place, and no matter where the company resides these principles are adhered to.

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