Demmer Corporation


“When trying to retrieve employee information we had to pull an employee file, locate the change of status paper forms, their pay rate etc. Now our HRMS system allows us to see all that information using a simple report!” Sage HRMS has also helped Demmer Corporation keep better track of employee training records and gain greater compliancy during audits. “In the past when we were audited by different registrars to review our employee training, we couldn’t just run a report; we had to pull files and show certificates. Sage HRMS has proven to be a huge time saver for Demmer Corporation!”  – Rebecca Stone, Demmer Corporation


DYK Automotive, LLC

“In less than two days, Mary had taught both of us the fundamentals of F9, and helped us format our monthly reporting package for our board and owners.   It was an amazingly effective and efficient effort, one that has paid huge dividends in the ensuing months.  From a first effort in March of 2012, we are now using F9 financial reporting software and the information that Mary Clark provided to produce a full consolidation and financial reporting package that includes 4 entities and over 25 pages of information.  And, we have shaved 3 full days off our closing schedule.Without Mary Clark and WAC Solution Partners, we might still be trying to understand all the functionalities and applications for F9; with them, we have eliminated fears and frustrations and are providing timely, accurate and flexible financial information.” – Mike Whitten, CFO, DYK Automotive, LLC.



Precision Tune Auto Care


Six months after the implementation, Tim Thielke says, “F9 financial reporting software is better than we imagined! After the initial template setup we are now working with twice as many stores, doing the same things in 25% of the time or less!” Tim Thielke really likes F9’s ease of use. “The documentation was easy to understand, and with just one hour of training with Mary Clark, Mark Francis, the Chief Financial Officer at Precision Tune Auto Care was ready to begin using F9 for consolidated financial reporting.” – Tim Thielke, Precision Tune Auto Care


FTZ Industries


A year after going green, Amanda Addis is delighted to share the results of their transition, “Since the completion of this project we have saved approximately $5000 – $10,000 in just postage, printing and storage costs. We are now emailing invoices to 75% of our customer base, and are saving approximately 5 hours a week for the time spent in mailing invoices to our customers.” – Amanda Addis, FTZ Industries


Coffaro Baking Co


Joyce says, “The Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90) software does everything from A-Z to make a business run smoothly. Mike Renner at Computer Accounting Systems has trained me so well on my software that I’ve become self-sufficient. I have no doubts that the whole package has helped our company grow to a multi-million dollar company.” – Joyce Coffaro, Owner, Coffaro Baking Company


Raison D’etre


With hundreds of invoices to prepare on a daily basis, Raison D’etre was now able to significantly reduce the time spent on those tasks, freeing large amounts of time better put to use developing stronger relationships with their customers and following up with them on a regular basis.
“The biggest result came from the implementation of the bridge program from the order processing system to Sage Pro that allowed us to save approximately four (4) hours in invoicing time daily.” – Frances Fong, Raison D’etre – Baking Company

MedSource RX

“WAC Solution Partners was the miracle cure we needed. Now our invoicing process is down to 30 seconds from 5 minutes! That is a total of 10 orders being processed in the time it took to invoice and ship 1 order.” – Justin Leavitt, CFO, MedSource RX


Luster Leaf Products


“We were spending over 20 hours every month updating the forecasting spreadsheet by extracting numbers from our accounting software. Unfortunately an hour after completing the process the spreadsheet was outdated! This change has allowed the business to save over 20 hours a week as well as allowed them to grow by 20% in the last year. Some of the product lines have grown as much as 200% in the last year! Now if we get a call from a customer we are able to give them a very accurate idea about when the next order for a product will come in or when they will receive their order.” – Larry Holbein of Luster Leaf Products


Rainbow Symphony, Inc


“Since the new work-flow has been in place we have tripled (3X increased) our order processing capacity, and the redundancy in our system has almost been eliminated; which means no more paper pushing.” – Mark Margolis, owner of Rainbow Symphony, Inc.


Snoozer Pet Products


“The upgrade was smooth; and using the credit card module was an easy transition for all of us. Now we take an order over the phone and do a credit card preauthorization right there. That means no more invalid credit card numbers! This functionality helped us save a day a week processing credit cards. That’s a 20% time savings per week.” – Brian O’Donnell, Owner, Snoozer Pet Products


Washington Crane & Hoist


“I enjoyed working with WAC Solution Partners, because they took the time to thoroughly understand our processes and they were able to provide easy ways to use our new ERP system to meet our business needs.
They are themselves expert users of their system and are always able to answer our questions. Their positive outlook and efficient way of doing business makes it easy to do business with them.” – Joanne Williamson, Washington Crane and Hoist, Inc.


Gardner Publications


“Once we understood the process involved and the steps WAC Solution Partners was taking to ensure a smooth installation, we felt comfortable proceeding with the upgrade. WAC Solution Partners did a seamless upgrade for us within a day and a half. Even with a heavily modified system, we were able to move to the latest accounting software version with minimal disruption.” – Ernie Brubaker, Treasurer, Gardner Publications


Redbone Foods

“We recently had a little production discrepancy, but this time things were much different. With a couple clicks of my mouse, I was quickly able to isolate the problem to just sixteen bottles.Unlike the last recall, this time around it was nothing more than a small bump in the road. We saved a ‘ton’ of time and money, thanks to lot control and WAC Solution Partners.” – Angie Chovan of Redbone Foods

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