Sage 100 – How to Reverse a Check and Invoice in Accounts Payable

Question: Mike, we own Sage 100 (formerly MAS90) and we would like to know how to reverse a check and invoice in Accounts Payable.

Answer: Sage 100: How to reverse a check and invoice in Accounts Payable.

NOTE: We advise that you consult with your certified Sage 100 ERP consultant before making any changes to your Sage 100  system.

Steps are show below:

  1. First Modules>Accounts Payable>Main>Manual Check Entry, and type in the check number you want to reverse. The system will ask you “Is this a Check Reversal”, click Yes.

2. The system will them ask “Do you what to recall invoices paid by this check”, click Yes.

3. You will then see a negative check on the register, Accept and Post the Manual Check Register.

4. So now you want to reverse the invoice with an Invoice Reversal, go to Modules>Accounts Payable>Invoice                 Data Entry.

5. Put in the Vendor N0. and Invoice No., and you will see the Invoice Adjustment popup, click Adjust.

6. Next put in a negative amount in the Adjustment Amount and Post the Invoice Register, this will reverse the                 Invoice.


Sage 100 Success Story with Mervin Manufacturing Snowboards

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This is a success story about a very fun customer Mervin Manufacturing that we began working with in 1989. It was a great partnership.

Mervin Manufacturing is home to Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy and Bent Metal Bindings and is a leading designer and manufacture of snowboarding products. We began working with Mervin Manufacturing in 1989 when they were just a 10-year-old company.

They were looking for a partner to help them grow their business to the next level. Our company provides small business bookkeeping services as well as Accounting Software system sales, implementation, support and training.

They originally called us because we were close to their Seattle office, initially it was a box of checks. The project was to reconcile their bank accounts and do monthly financial statements for them, we did all the accounting on our system.  We also did their accounts payable and payroll.

As the company grew further they asked us to provide an in-house accounting system and computer network system. We sourced an IT company for the computers and sold them Sage 100 (Formally MAS 90). Their original customer base was on an Apple Macintosh that we helped them bring over to the new Sage 100 (Formally MAS 90) system.

This was a phased in training and implementation, first the financial modules including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll. And then the distribution modules which included Inventory, Sales Order and Purchase Order.

We trained the customer staff from the ground up as they had never had much experience with Sage 100 (Formally MAS 90) or other accounting systems.

Upon completion of the Software Implementation we continuing as their outsourced accounting company. We provided monthly financial statements, did their payroll for them, closed all the accounting and distribution modules monthly. We remained their accounting company for over 10 years.

Eventually Mervin Manufacturing was sold to Quiksilver and in recent years the company was repurchased and now operates as an independent standalone company under Altamont. They are home to many snowboard enthusiasts and many Olympic snowboard athletes.

Review of Sage Sessions in Los Angeles, February 13, 2018.

It was my pleasure to attend the first Sage Sessions at the Los Angeles Westin Bonaventure. This was the first of 10 Sage North America events. 6 US cities and 4 Canadian cities.
The single day events focus was on Sage partners, customers and solutions, with powerful keynotes, networking opportunities, product demos, and more. These events replaced the previous mega conferences called Sage Summit located in one city over a week-long period.
SageSessions was a fun informative breath of fresh air from our perspective as a longtime Sage Business Partner. It was close in Los Angeles, so we had the chance to invite many of our local customers in the Southern California area and being only one day it was very easy to attend.
The hosts from Sage were Dave Faupel @davezamazing VP Field Marketing, and Nancy Harris @SageNancyHarris Managing Director Sage North America @SageNAmerica. The opening message from Nancy was “We are all about customers and we are interested in your success.” We loved that message.
The keynote was John Garrett @RecoveringCPA, John gave an incredible talk about being relatable and real and “Don’t let your professionalism suffocate your personality. After the initial keynotes there were technical content and business development sessions focused on real issues customers are facing in todays world as well as several updates on new Sage Products.
One of the sessions I attended and really loved was Sage 100c tips and tricks done by Johnnie Woodward @JohnnieWoodward ‏ Sage Field Sales Engineer – Sage 100 & Sage CRM from Sage. There were several new features presented that most people in the room could really benefit from.
There was a section of the conference dedicated to product demos from many of the sponsors, Sage and ISV’s that provide a wealth of information to our customers.
All in all, SageSessions was an absolute great investment of our and our customers time.
A list of upcoming sessions scheduled at this time:

Chicago, IL April 24
Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 E Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601

Toronto, ON May 8
Westin Toronto
One Harbour Square
Toronto, ON M5J 1A6

Austin, TX May

Atlanta, GA June

Montreal, QC June 26
Hyatt Regency Montreal
1255 Jeanne Mance St.
Montreal, QC H5B 1E5

Edmonton, AB July

New York, NY July

Seattle, WA August 7
Hilton Bellevue
300 112th Avenue SE
Bellevue, WA 98004


Vancouver, BC

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Registration and Detailed Information

How to make an expense posting into Acumatica Cloud ERP

We would like to thank our business partner Ben Hanan, Business Systems Analyst for providing the detailed descriptions for this blog.

We will show a very simple way to post expenses into an accounting system using Acumatica ERP and the mobil application, this will save many hours compared to the traditional manual processes that are normally done by large companies to input expenses.

Acumatica Real Time Expense Tracking by Project – Perfect for Movie Production.

 Acumatica’s unique pricing module, with unlimited licenses makes it an economical solution for companies that relies on temporary sub-contractors, reimbursing them for their expenses. Giving a subcontractor access to upload his/her own expenses from their mobile device directly onto the cloud ERP streamlines the process and saves hours of reconciling Excel sheet, receipts, etc.

 1.       Create a Project


2.       Assign Tasks


3.       Sub-contractor logs in on his/her mobile device


4.       Once logged in – Select Expense Receipts


5.       Adds a new record.


6.       Enters the amount, Project ID, Task ID, takes a picture of the receipt and save the record.


7.       The transaction appears instantaneously on the back office ERP.




Sage 100 ERP (formally Sage MAS90/200), Acumatica ERP, Abila MIP Fund AccountingAbila Grant Management, QuickBooks.

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

As a 20 year veteran for selling what is today called sage Pro Software, I have many clients using this system currently.  Last year an announcement was made by Sage Software to discontinue support and new sales of Sage Pro ERP.  I have had to meet with many companies that are now faced with switching their accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in the coming months.  This process of review has made me think about the consideration of switching. 

Here are a few reasons I came up with to explain why you might:

1)      You are entering the same piece of data more than once.  Except for cross checking purposes, data should only be entered one time.  It should be shared with in the system and not required to be entered again.

2)      You cannot get the data you need to run your business.  You are either using spreadsheets to make up for the limitations of your current system, or you simply do not have the data required to make important business decisions

3)      The data you use to make decisions is always outdated.  You get the data you need, but not in a timely basis.  Perhaps you are getting reports quarterly or monthly, but need the data weekly, daily or even immediately.

4)      You do not trust the data you are receiving.  The system reports that you have enough inventories to complete a product, but your procedure is to have someone visually check before each order is started. You are now doing double the work and using extra resources.

5)      Your system does everything you need, but nobody uses it.  It is either too difficult and users make too many errors in attempting to use it, or it just takes too long and is inefficient.

If you see yourself in any of the five scenarios listed above, you should consider if your system is holding your company from growing.  Contact your solution provider to review your system to see if it is time to consider upgrading or switching.

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