Review of Sage Sessions in Los Angeles, February 13, 2018.

It was my pleasure to attend the first Sage Sessions at the Los Angeles Westin Bonaventure. This was the first of 10 Sage North America events. 6 US cities and 4 Canadian cities.
The single day events focus was on Sage partners, customers and solutions, with powerful keynotes, networking opportunities, product demos, and more. These events replaced the previous mega conferences called Sage Summit located in one city over a week-long period.
SageSessions was a fun informative breath of fresh air from our perspective as a longtime Sage Business Partner. It was close in Los Angeles, so we had the chance to invite many of our local customers in the Southern California area and being only one day it was very easy to attend.
The hosts from Sage were Dave Faupel @davezamazing VP Field Marketing, and Nancy Harris @SageNancyHarris Managing Director Sage North America @SageNAmerica. The opening message from Nancy was “We are all about customers and we are interested in your success.” We loved that message.
The keynote was John Garrett @RecoveringCPA, John gave an incredible talk about being relatable and real and “Don’t let your professionalism suffocate your personality. After the initial keynotes there were technical content and business development sessions focused on real issues customers are facing in todays world as well as several updates on new Sage Products.
One of the sessions I attended and really loved was Sage 100c tips and tricks done by Johnnie Woodward @JohnnieWoodward ‏ Sage Field Sales Engineer – Sage 100 & Sage CRM from Sage. There were several new features presented that most people in the room could really benefit from.
There was a section of the conference dedicated to product demos from many of the sponsors, Sage and ISV’s that provide a wealth of information to our customers.
All in all, SageSessions was an absolute great investment of our and our customers time.
A list of upcoming sessions scheduled at this time:

Chicago, IL April 24
Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 E Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601

Toronto, ON May 8
Westin Toronto
One Harbour Square
Toronto, ON M5J 1A6

Austin, TX May

Atlanta, GA June

Montreal, QC June 26
Hyatt Regency Montreal
1255 Jeanne Mance St.
Montreal, QC H5B 1E5

Edmonton, AB July

New York, NY July

Seattle, WA August 7
Hilton Bellevue
300 112th Avenue SE
Bellevue, WA 98004


Vancouver, BC

Registration and Detailed Information



Registration and Detailed Information

Sage Summit 2017- location and date announced

Sage has dabbled in “tour” events for the past few years encapsulated in the Sage Inspire Tour.  This tour traveled around to several dates and locations per year in support of the much larger annual Sage Summit event.  The tour seemed to be touted as reaching some of the people who may not have a chance to make it out to Sage Summit and yet others who would attend both.

The 2016 Sage Summit in Chicago IL. was the largest reported Summit with 15,000 registrants.  Although the prior year’s Sage Summit in New Orleans was a large one, it reported 7260 in attendance.

The usual process of announcing location and date at the closing of Sage Summit did not take place in Chicago this past year.    In fact, it is nearing the end of January and we are just now getting a glimps of information with a date and location.  This information also comes with a change in the usual time frame from of July each year, to now May for 2017.  It will be a bit of a challenge for all parties involved to keep the momentum going in getting sponsors, customers and partners in one place with such a small planning timeline.  But we are committed to doing so!!

Watch for further announcements from WAC Solution Partners regarding the upcoming WAC Customer Connects at Sage Summit 2017.  For now we leave you with the details we have thus far.

Sage Summit 2017

Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta

May 9-11, 2017

To get yourself signed up for updates and details, CLICK HERE and register.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Sage Summit 2017 in Atlanta!

I am Insanely Busy During Sage Summit (2016)

Sage Summit was awesome this year.

Although, as the marketing director, I am insanely busy, I was still able to attend all the keynotes and a good amount of general sessions.

The majority of my sessions I chose gave me insight to implement right away. This is the whole goal of Summit, to share ideas, inspire and educate.  I feel I was the benefactor of all three.

My favorite quote of all the keynotes was from Robert Herjavek of Shark Tank.  ” When the pain from your current situation becomes unbearable, you’ll change” This spoke to me on many levels.  I find the most successful clients we have are always willing to change and improve on what they have.  There was so much inspiration shared.

I look forward to the next bigger and better Sage Summit in 2017 as it grown in attendance and quality each year!

Kari-Ann Ryan, Marketing & Sales

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest.

This was my first Sage Summit (2016)

This was my first Sage Summit…

Sage Summit 2016 in Chicago was amazing. The McCormick Place is such a grand venue and the perfect place for holding the event. Sage Summit had so much to offer to partners, customers, and sponsors alike.

The sessions on the different Sage products were so helpful in introducing and explaining the different products; how they, upon their release, will improve the functionality and efficiency of our customers worldwide. This includes updates for Sage 300 and Sage 300c, Sage Live, Sage One and Sage X3, to name a few. I really appreciated that the Sage speakers were open to all feedback, from partners and customers alike, in order to make sure Sage is addressing how they can make the products as user friendly as possible. The Sage team has proven how they are working hard to tackle any obstacles from all possible angles. Other sessions focused on how one can improve their business based on different strategies and skillsets.

The keynote speakers had some incredible advice to share and it was truly inspiring to hear what they had to say. A quote from Daymond John, the founder and CEO of FUBU, that really struck me was, “If you do everything, you’re never going to grow. A great team allows you to grow.” This is very inspirational and the statement holds so much truth because at Sage we are a team working together to benefit each other and our customers. All the keynote speakers were so insightful and had so much wonderful advice and experience to share. It was also great to see all the participating sponsors; to meet them and talk to them one-on-one about how they too can benefit our partners and customers.

It was truly incredible to see and meet people from all over the world coming together for this amazing event and I look forward to what is to come for next year.

Stephanie Piller, Administrative Executive

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest

Sage Summit 2016… A Great Opportunity

Sage Summit is a great opportunity for partners and customers to meet with the people who are creating our software.  The conference is designed for small businesses even if they are not using Sage Software products.   This year the conference was in Chicago for the first time.

The keynote speakers are awesome!   One that we had this year was Sir Richard Branson.  He told the story of how he started his airline thanks to American Airlines canceling one of his flights.  We also heard from Daymond John and Robert Herjavec from the TV show Shark Tank who shared their stories about how they began their businesses.  I liked Robert’s statement that he never invests in companies that need money.  He invests in successful companies that need money to grow faster.  He also stated that good entrepreneurs always find a way to solve their problems.  If a company isn’t working well, giving them more money will not solve their problems.

The feedback we receive from our clients is that they really learn a lot when they attend and cannot wait to attend next year.   We feel the same.

Michael Ericksen, President, CPA, Sage 300 Certified

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest

Managing Partner at Sage Summit 2016


Sage Summit 2016

As the years go by, Sage Summit is becoming more customer and sales oriented and less technical and reseller oriented.  We have gone from two separate events, to two events next to each other, to a customer event with a token nod to resellers on the first day.  Even that first day is primarily sales oriented.

Not much we can do with the content, but we can adapt to it and leverage it for what it is.  It may not the place to send all of your technical resources to learn, but it is the place to bring your prospects and customers to learn.  If you don’t have a plan going into it with your customers and prospects you are missing an opportunity. As a Partner our primary goal is to act as a guide, to recommend what sessions to attend, and what vendors to see.  Even if we don’t sell anything to our customers and prospects, we at least want them to experience the depth of the product that they are using or looking at, experience the ecosystem that they may need in the future, and assure them that there is a roadmap to the future.

In some cases where the prospect is very engaged, meeting with Sage employees and product managers can reassure their interest.  We had one prospect looking to migrate to a new Sage platform that met with multiple Sage employees and was given multiple personalized demos.

Overall WAC Solution Partners has adapted well to making our customer’s experience great.  We are always striving to do more and keep them engaged, informed, and coming back year after year!

So while it’s unfortunate that the focus is no longer on the reseller, as they say, when you have lemons, you need to learn to make lemonade.


Robert Distler, Managing Partner, Consultant

WAc Solution Partners- New England

An Unusual Sage Summit for Me This Year

This was an unusual Summit for me this year in Chicago.  As a Sage City VIP, I was asked to do 4 presentations.  What this ultimately meant was, I didn’t get to as many sessions as I normally attend.  I have to say that my presentations were very well attended, even when I had to compete with lunch and the end of the day when poeple were heading to the Killers concert.  They sessions I gave seemed to be very well received as well.  Although very different for me…. all in all, a great experience in Chicago.

On a non Sage Summit note…. the highlight of my trip was attending a Cubs game at Wrigley Field – a major bucket list item now achieved! It was actually against the Chicago White Sox and the Cubbies won!!!!

Mary Clark, Consultant

WAC Solution Partners- Carolinas

My Sage Summit 2016 Chicago Experience

I missed last year so I can’t compare Chicago to New Orleans but I definitely liked this year much more than 2014 in Las Vegas. I felt there was a good balance of technical and user sessions combined with a good selection of ‘start up’ growth oriented sessions. The ‘hands on’ sessions were very good which I spent much of my time in.

The vendor floor continues to grow and its nice to have a chance to see the products and the people behind them.

Kudos to whomever decided it was time to take care of us non-coffee caffeine junkies by putting the coolers around the venue filled with Coke products.

Transportation was excellent. I was concerned about this with the venue being so far away from most hotels but it was handled very well. Chicago is obviously very prepared for these large conventions in that regard.

I have to say I was not as inspired by the keynotes this year as I hoped to be. Sir Richard Branson is a hero of mine, but he has never been known as a great public speaker.  The informal question / answer style that was put together did not fit him very well. I was not interested much in the other celebrity speakers as I would have much rather see someone that is shaping the future and pushing technology. Bring me someone from Tesla, Project X, Amazon, Apple, and small tech startups, as these are the people who I want to hear from.

Overall I had a very positive experience and things were run smoothly and professionally.

Roger Detzler, Consultant

WAC Solution Partners- New England