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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

On December 22, 2017 President Trump signed the largest income tax change in thirty years. It is a complex bill with many changes, but for the most part taxpayers will be paying less taxes in 2018. With 3 simple examples I shall try to demonstrate the impact this new law may have on your own […]

Benford’s Law

Benford’s Law I have been in accounting for forty years and I just recently learned about Benford’s Law.  This law states that the first digit of number is much more likely to be a low number rather than a high number.  In fact if a set of data was to conform exactly to the law […]

30 years of Software Changes

An account of the software history from Michael Ericksen, WAC Solution Partners- Midwest When I started my company 30 years ago, the computer landscape was much different.  Microsoft Windows existed, but it would not be become popular until version 3 was released in 1990.  IBM had just released the PS/2 with the 3 ½” floppy […]