Sage Intelligence Reporting – Sage 300 Financial Ratio Report

Is the data your company needs to grow and run efficiently readily available? One of my favorite report writers is Sage Intelligence Reporting. Out of the hundreds available, I recently had a client find a very interesting report that will help many of you.

The Financial Ratio Report in Sage 300 provides many of the standard financial ratios like Profit Margin, Return on Assets, Gross Margin %, etc. Not only does it display the actual data, but it also allows the user to enter targets so you know how you are tracking compared to your plan.

The report generates the ratios in the current year and will report on the previous four years if desired, making it easy to see a five year trend.
Another area of the report features the year over year changes on revenue, net income, assets and liabilities. This is just a small example of what is reported.
For most of the small sized companies I work with, there is more information than they really need, but if it becomes confusing, we can very easily remove some items.
One last feature is that the report allows the user to select the five most important metrics of the thirty-three that the report can produce.

This tool, if used properly, can easily be configured to help companies improve their performance.

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