5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement


Social Media Engagement is basically getting your audience to do something in response to a post such as; “Like,” comment, click a photo/link or share a post. There are many ways to increase Social Media Engagement and I have listed 5 below.

1) Ask Questions- People love to share their opinions, so post some questions and watch the comments come in.

2) Humor- Everyone loves a good laugh so share a funny meme, quote or gif. This will help people relate to your organization.

3) Inspiring Memes or Quotes- Take a good quote, create simple artwork online to make it visually appealing and share.

4) Trivia- Lively and interesting trivia will help get people to engage more with your organization. Especially if there is a prize involved!

5) Customer Service- Social Media is an extension of your customer service. It’s a place where if you’re looking, you can respond to comments, complaints or questions and help steer the direction of the conversations regarding an organization or industry.

Written by: Kristy Brooke

WAC Solution Partners-Midwest

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