Sage Summit 2017- location and date announced

Sage has dabbled in “tour” events for the past few years encapsulated in the Sage Inspire Tour.  This tour traveled around to several dates and locations per year in support of the much larger annual Sage Summit event.  The tour seemed to be touted as reaching some of the people who may not have a chance to make it out to Sage Summit and yet others who would attend both.

The 2016 Sage Summit in Chicago IL. was the largest reported Summit with 15,000 registrants.  Although the prior year’s Sage Summit in New Orleans was a large one, it reported 7260 in attendance.

The usual process of announcing location and date at the closing of Sage Summit did not take place in Chicago this past year.    In fact, it is nearing the end of January and we are just now getting a glimps of information with a date and location.  This information also comes with a change in the usual time frame from of July each year, to now May for 2017.  It will be a bit of a challenge for all parties involved to keep the momentum going in getting sponsors, customers and partners in one place with such a small planning timeline.  But we are committed to doing so!!

Watch for further announcements from WAC Solution Partners regarding the upcoming WAC Customer Connects at Sage Summit 2017.  For now we leave you with the details we have thus far.

Sage Summit 2017

Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta

May 9-11, 2017

To get yourself signed up for updates and details, CLICK HERE and register.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Sage Summit 2017 in Atlanta!

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