Sage Summit 2016… A Great Opportunity

Sage Summit is a great opportunity for partners and customers to meet with the people who are creating our software.  The conference is designed for small businesses even if they are not using Sage Software products.   This year the conference was in Chicago for the first time.

The keynote speakers are awesome!   One that we had this year was Sir Richard Branson.  He told the story of how he started his airline thanks to American Airlines canceling one of his flights.  We also heard from Daymond John and Robert Herjavec from the TV show Shark Tank who shared their stories about how they began their businesses.  I liked Robert’s statement that he never invests in companies that need money.  He invests in successful companies that need money to grow faster.  He also stated that good entrepreneurs always find a way to solve their problems.  If a company isn’t working well, giving them more money will not solve their problems.

The feedback we receive from our clients is that they really learn a lot when they attend and cannot wait to attend next year.   We feel the same.

Michael Ericksen, President, CPA, Sage 300 Certified

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest

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