I am Insanely Busy During Sage Summit (2016)

Sage Summit was awesome this year.

Although, as the marketing director, I am insanely busy, I was still able to attend all the keynotes and a good amount of general sessions.

The majority of my sessions I chose gave me insight to implement right away. This is the whole goal of Summit, to share ideas, inspire and educate.  I feel I was the benefactor of all three.

My favorite quote of all the keynotes was from Robert Herjavek of Shark Tank.  ” When the pain from your current situation becomes unbearable, you’ll change” This spoke to me on many levels.  I find the most successful clients we have are always willing to change and improve on what they have.  There was so much inspiration shared.

I look forward to the next bigger and better Sage Summit in 2017 as it grown in attendance and quality each year!

Kari-Ann Ryan, Marketing & Sales

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest.

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