Managing Risk

In life we face many risks.  Just driving a car involves a risk; will someone run a stop sign or go through a red light.  The food we eat can affect our health.  If you use a computer or another device to store important information, will we be able to access that data tomorrow.

For some risks we buy insurance.  I, like most people, have car, house, medical and life insurance.  Having insurance helps us to live with the risks we face every day.  For data risks we backup our servers and other devices.

A few years ago I was introduced to a risk I was not aware of.  Someone used my name for an insurance claim.  They were most likely in the country illegally and when they went to a treatment center for a workplace accident, they just happened to use my name and address.  Since they did not have my social security number or my date of birth it turned out to be an insignificant problem.  Although I did have to call the insurance company a half a dozen times to explain that I did not work at the location they had on the records and that I was not injured on the date in question nor had I ever had used the pharmacy that a filled a subscription. And so on….

The incident did in fact worry me a little and I now know that identify theft is a huge crime that is rapidly growing in our nation.  I now carry identify theft insurance.  Again, there is only so much we can do to protect ourselves and this was one risk I was not willing to take alone.  Are you protected?

~Micheal Ericksen

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest

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