Keeping Things in Perspective

What a day I had last Saturday the 18th of August.  First, I came into the office to work on an issue with one of my clients where we needed exclusive access to their system.  After a few attempts to get everything working, we were finally successful.

I then went directly to a memorial service for a friend who is was just a few years older than me.  We had played softball together on our church’s softball team.  One of his sons is my son’s age and I had coached baseball for both of the boys for many years.

I then went to visit my mother who is not doing very well and is facing the last days of her life.  Finally, I went to my son’s house to baby sit for our youngest granddaughter.  I have another granddaughter from my daughter and she is currently pregnant with a second child.

If there ever was a time when I went through so many emotions in one day, it was Saturday.

Three years ago my friend was perfectly healthy and happy and then he was struck by cancer.  Since I originally wrote this article, five days later my mother also passed.  It reminds us that we are only here for a short period of time and everything will continue on after our time is up.  But during our life we should attempt to make the most of each day while leaving this place a little better off than we found it.

Take time to say how much you love your friends and family.  Volunteer to help someone who you will never know.  Do your best every day.  You will never know what amount of time you have remaining.

~Michael Ericksen

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