Preparing for a Vendor Conference


some of the many ribbons given at the conference last year.

Kari-Ann and I will be going to Sage Summit Conference this week, so we have been preparing so we get the most out of the conference.  Our preparation consists of a few items.  I have had the most success when I have a “To-Do” list of three to six issues that I want answers to.  With this to do list accomplished I have left previous conferences feeling that I have achieved something for my time.

So what are the issues and how do I make my list?  My first step and most important one, is to be in contact with my key clients to see if they have any needs that have not been met.  I also identify areas where I may want to expand my practice.  Lastly, there may also be some new technology or program that I have heard about, but currently do not fully understand.

After I have created my list, I need to schedule the classes I will take.  Some of the classes may produce solutions to my issues.  I will also schedule time to visit the booths at the expo and have a game plan to do so.  I tend to map out the expo and make sure I hit the key booths that are needed to answer my issues.  If I have to go back more than once during my conference visit, then I make sure and do so.  While visiting the conference and expo I make sure to say hi to old friends as I have been a long time in this industry.  I look for new products and add-ons that work with the solutions I already offer.

Finally, before I leave the conference, I will review the “To-Do”.  I want to make sure I have answered all my questions, or at least have made an attempt to.  I make sure to have connected with the sources that may be able to help.  There is nothing worse than getting back from a conference and wishing I had asked someone a question.  Take advantage of the resources provided and enjoy the experience. Don’t forget to bring home tons of giveaways (pens, Frisbee, stress ball, etc) from the conference for the kids or staff and a nice little something for the Mrs. or Mr.

-Michael Ericksen

WAC Solution Partners- Midwest

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